Copilot Studio in a Day - a curated link list

Copilot Studio was known as Power Virtual Agents before renaming

Attending a "Copilot Studio in a Day" (CSinaDay) workshop is highly recommended when beginning with Copilot. After conducting numerous workshops alongside colleagues and utilizing our script to engage participants, we adopted Microsoft's new "Copilot Studio in a Day" curriculum.


With the new Microsoft Learn-based curriculum, everyone can participate in the CSinaDay workshop, with or without an instructor. However, there are many more aspects to explore after the seminar. That's why I've created a curated list of links to my articles and external sources, which will guide you on your journey to becoming a proficient copilot keeper.

Copilot in a Day - Instructor-Led Workshop

This course offers hands-on experience designing and developing a chatbot in less than a day.

Participants will learn how to:

1. Review the prerequisites and setup process for the bot.

2. Build their first chatbot.

3. Experiment with topic suggestions.

4. Enhance chatbots using entities and variables.

5. Integrate bots with other Microsoft Power Platform products.

6. Understand the authentication process.

7. Share the bot with the group and interact using Microsoft Teams.

You can Register for an event.

Training Content

In this learning path, you'll complete hands-on activities using Microsoft Power Platform, specifically Copilot Studio and Power Automate.

It is designed for use with the Power Virtual Agents in a Day instructor-led course but can also be used as a self-study course.

Module 1: Plan your first chatbot
Module 2: Create your first chatbot in Power Virtual Agents
Module 3: Authoring 101: writing in unified authoring
Module 4: Build Power Automate flows for your chatbot

Next steps - Copilot Studio

Next steps - Copilot with Dynamics Customer Service

Additional Content


Copilot Studio is part of Microsoft's Power Platform, which is constantly evolving and expanding. Attending a Copilot Studio in a Day workshop is an ideal starting point for your journey, but there is much more to explore. This curated list aims to gather all the exciting articles on one page. If something is missing, please feel free to reach out, and I will be happy to include it.

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