Dynamics 365 Customer service: Realtime translation to break barriers in text chats.

Language is a powerful instrument, but sometimes you need a helping hand if you are not chatting or talking in your mother tongue.



Imagine you operate a multilingual contact center with chat. With the real-time message translation feature, agents (human and non-human) can support customers and employees in the language they elect to be serviced in without needing all agents to speak the same language.
When you enable language translation, messages between the customer and support agent - and messages among support agents who consult and collaborate internally, such as supervisors or SMEs - are translated. There will be no time delay in translating messages manually, even when the conversation starts with a non-human agent. Everybody in the chain can understand as they get displayed the dialogue in their preferred language.


Creating a web resource for real-time translation

You need an active azure subscription for this step.

bingTranslateApiClientSecret: '<please add your own azure translation api key>',
googleTranslateApiClientSecret: '<please add your own google translation v2 api key>',
  • In Dynamics 365, on the top right of the Customer Service admin center page, select Settings, and select Advanced Settings.

  • On the page that appears on a new tab, select Settings, and then select Solutions.

  • In All Solutions, select New, and do the following:

    1. In the General section of the Solution: New Solution page, enter the details for the mandatory fields.

    2. Save the solution and close the form.

  • For the added solution, in the left pane, select Web Resources under Components.

  • Select New, and perform the following steps:

    1. In the General section, enter a name for the web resource.

    2. In the Content section, select Script (JScript) for Type.

    3. For Upload File, select Choose File to upload the JavaScript file that you customized.

    4. Save the form, select the option to publish all customizations.

    5. Copy the link in the URL field. You'll provide this link in the administrator settings in Customer Service admin center or Omnichannel admin center app for configuring real-time translation.

    6. Select the option to publish all customizations on the Solution page, and close the form.

Activation of Real-time translation

  • Go to your Customer Service admin center.

  • Pick productivity under Agent experience.

  • Click on "Manage" in the section "Real-time translation".

Figure 1: Select "Manage" in "Real-time translation"

Figure 1: Select "Manage" in "Real-time translation"

  • switch the service on

  • configure the target language and Web Resource URL you deployed. before

Figure 2: configure the service

Figure 2: Configure the service.


As an example - all dialogs are in English (in the screenshot, you see a caller in the voice channel talking to the voice bot and later to an human agent) and the translation is in realtime to Hindi.

Figure: translated voice call from English to Hindi

Figure: translated voice call from English to Hindi


You can rapidly speed up communication between your contact center agents and your Subject Matter Experts by leveraging the automatic translation of customer queries.

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