CoPilot related topics have a new home

Explore Microsoft Copilot Family-related topics and resources

As of today, I am delighted to announce an exciting evolution in my blogging journey. I have decided to bifurcate my content into two distinct streams to serve my readership’s diverse interests better.

The first stream will continue to be your trusted source for everything about the Power Platform (including copilot studio), Microsoft Azure Open AI Services, and Microsoft Dynamics. This content will remain accessible on the current platform (, ensuring that you continue receiving the insightful analysis and deep dives you’ve come to expect.

For those of you interested in the cutting-edge developments surrounding Microsoft’s ready-to-subscribe Copilots and discussions on their usage and extensibility, I have launched a brand new blog. This dedicated space will house all future discourse on these topics, providing a focused environment for exploration and conversation.

I invite you to join me at this new digital destination: AI Assistant Studio, where we will embark on a journey through the innovative world of AI integration and application within Microsoft’s ecosystem.