Customer Service Automation: The Perfect Duo of Dynamics 365 Customer Service & Power Virtual Agent

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Customer Service Automation: The Perfect Duo of Dynamics 365 Customer Service & Power Virtual Agent


Customer service is a crucial aspect of any business, influencing whether customers will return or opt for a competitor. In today's world of intense competition and heightened customer expectations, companies must seek ways to improve their customer service experience.

One approach companies are taking is the adoption of automation in customer service. Automation involves utilizing technologies like chatbots, AI, and machine learning algorithms to manage repetitive tasks that human agents once handled.

Here are some reasons why automation in customer service is crucial for the future of business:


Hiring and training human agents can be costly, mainly when dealing with a high volume of inquiries through various channels such as phone calls, emails, and social media platforms. Automation helps reduce expenses by managing routine tasks like answering frequently asked questions or directing customer inquiries to the appropriate departments.

24/7 Availability

Customers expect continuous support from the businesses they engage with. Employing sufficient human agents to provide 24/7 assistance can be difficult and costly. Automation allows companies to offer constant availability without incurring additional staffing expenses.

Faster Response Time

With automated systems, customers receive prompt responses, eliminating the need for lengthy hold times or delayed email replies. This results in enhanced customer satisfaction and heightened loyalty towards your brand.

Improved Accuracy

Human errors are inevitable when handling repetitive tasks such as data entry or answering frequently asked questions throughout the day. Automated systems eliminate these mistakes by performing them accurately every time they are executed.


As your business grows and expands into new territories or markets globally, scaling up your workforce can be challenging if you don't have enough resources - exceptionally skilled agents who understand how things work within different regions worldwide! However, by leveraging automation technologies such as chatbots and AI-powered systems, companies can quickly scale up their operations while controlling costs - leading to more satisfied customers overall!

How to Automatize

Incorporating self-service elements into your customer service strategy can be a game-changer when it comes to improving efficiency and enhancing the overall experience for your customers. Leveraging tools like Power Virtual Agent and Dynamics 365 is a great place to start, but it's important to note that these solutions alone may not fully achieve an automated approach. To optimize the benefits of these tools, take advantage of integrated functions while creating conversation flows. Using CoPilot for Power Virtual Agents will enable you to design or refine flows to maximize their effectiveness. Additionally, utilizing CoPilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides agents with an invaluable resource - a helpful peer who can assist them in answering inquiries and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Before a customer interaction

Before engaging with your customer, you can utilize Power Virtual Agents CoPilot to design and refine conversation flows (topics) or employ the generative Answers function to address inquiries within a fallback topic or as a standalone one (comprehensive explanation, please refer to the separate blog articles provided as links)

During the Conversation

While speaking on the phone or chatting with a customer, your agents can utilize the new CoPilot feature in Dynamics 365 Customer Service to compose answers, draft emails, and create summaries for case descriptions on the fly.


Please find a little demo movie of a resulting conversation.

  • pre conversation survey

  • standard Q&A with own topic

  • Search in D365 KB

  • human handover

  • sentiment analysis (top left in agent workspace)

  • live translation and transcript (left side in agent workspace)

  • D365 Copilot to draft answer (right side in agent workspace)

  • Summary of whole dialogue and case creation


Automation in customer service is essential for businesses to stay competitive and meet customer expectations. By leveraging tools like Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Power Virtual Agent, companies can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Integrating CoPilot features further optimizes these solutions, ensuring a seamless and practical customer service experience.

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